[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 140914 Kim Keun Soo + Jeju Ppung Ppung Kart Club Shares A Picture With Jaejoong

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Posted two weeks Ago – Jaejoong with the representative of Jeju Sungeup Land/Ppung Ppung Kart Club

[TRANS] I was so grateful that a lot of people visited us at Seongeup Land despite the rain. I was about to wrap up, and all of sudden Hero Jaejoong came to ride the go-cart. After enjoying his go-cart riding in the rain, he said go-cart riding is more fun when it rains. He concluded his ride with a sip of Americano. 

Jaejoong is such a cool guy!

Seongeup Land will support you always!

비가 오는데도 바글바글 성읍랜드를 찾아주셔서 넘 감사한 맘이 가득한 오늘..♡ 마감정리하는데 쨘~하고 놀러온 영웅재중쒸..♡ 비오늘 날 쒼나게 뿡뿡카트타공 비가오니 더~ 잼있다고 폭풍칭찬까지ᆢ♡ 마무리는 뿡메리카노 한 모금..ㅋ 넘 멋찐 재중쒸~ 늘 성읍랜드가 응원합니다..♡ #제주#성읍랜드#인스타그램#셀스타그램#카페#뿡뿡카트#즐거움#아메리카노


Credit: kimkeun9218 + hero48682
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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