[PICS+VIDEO+TRANS] 140911 JYJ Asia Tour Concert in Taiwan – Tweets Compilation

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  • JYJ in Taiwan Concert has started! via @pixelminor
  • Ment after Baboboy: JJ: Haven’t seen all of you for a while, very happy to see you all. We will work hard to the end for the so many of you / YC: When we were rehearsing, we felt that the venue was very big. But it’s all filled up! / JS said they’ve not been here for a while and will work hard for the concert via @pixelminor
  • JJ : thank you everyone come to see us… We will do our best to end / JJ : how is the opening via @megwu0312
  • Hello everyone – Jaejoong in accurate Mandarin / “very happy to meet everyone, thank you for coming today… Due to the huge venue, we r worried if we could fill it during rehearsal. we will work hard to the end since we haven’t come for a long time. JJ: what do u think of the concert since it just started? Fans screamed, JJ: Thank you! JJ: we have sang a few cool songs earlier…can’t hear the 2nd part. via @jaejoongholics



  • in white shirt, seems only buttoned the 3rd button, tattered pants. via @jaejoongholics
  • JJ appeared for Dear J in his white top semi-buttoned. Aigoo, why tease everyone? Just unbutton all already! :p via @pixelminor
  • Curly hair J looks so good via @megwu0312
  • Jaejoong is out in white top singing DEAR J now! He didn’t buttoned fully again! WOOHOO~~~ via @Vichellelicious



  • JJ rockin’ the stage with Butterfly via @Y_S_H_I
  • Take it off JJ!!!! Take it off!!!! Jaejoong!!!! Fans are shouting…take it off!!! He is actually taking his top off now!!!! via @Y_S_H_I
  • Let JJ drink water then talk via @megwu0312
  • Naked at last!!! Mine via @Y_S_H_I
  • JJ: JYJ individual solos are near the end. Our solo stage are great right? via @jaejoongholics
  • he put his hand in his shirt!!!!! via @jaejoongholics
  • After butterfly, JJ’s “woah” brought screams. He said the JYJ solo stages are almost at an end. via @pixelminor
  • JJ: Do you agree that each solo stage has its own attraction? via @pixelminor
  • JJ teased fans about taking off his top. He took it off anyway before Mine. Aigoooo…. via @pixelminor
  • Jaejoong: “JYJ’s solo is coming to an end, there’s a lot of charm in our solos, do you agree? Before we start with JYJ’s performance…..you want me to strip!!!” He put his right hand in!” via @Vichellelicious
  • Jaejoong: “Strip or not to strip!” He wants fans to yell! And then he strips right after!!! via @Vichellelicious
  • Ten years – pronunciation not bad since I can actually understand part of it without knowing the lyrics! ^^ via @pixelminor


  • Jaejoong said I like you (fans). via @jaejoongholics
  • JS: “When I was watching JJ’s performance at backstage, I wonder why all of you didn’t said “Kitty” after he sang “Hello”?” / Everyone then said “Kitty” after they said “Hello”! YC: “I wanna give Junsu to everyone…..” via @Vichellelicious
  • Jaejoong: “Hello!” Fans: “Kitty!” Junsu: “Taiwanese girls are prettier than Szechuan girls!” via @Vichellelicious
  • Either JS or YC was asking fans why they don’t yell “Kitty” after JJ’s “Hello” in Butterfly. What kind of question is this? LOL via @pixelminor
  • JYJ talked about girlfriends… YC and JJ passed this topic to JS! >< Junsu: “I am having a date with my fans ah…” *__* via @Vichellelicious
  • soulmates trolling Junsu again hahaha. Our kings are really happy tonight!!! Laughing a lot and trolling each other!!! via @Y_S_H_I
  • Such a long banter before So So. Jaechun trolls in action. Junsu epic fail. JJ’s Butterfly to Junsu’s hair to TP 101 to TW girls are pretty! via @pixelminor
  • In Heaven with #JYJinTaiwan…literally in heaven with JYJ!!!!!!!! via @Y_S_H_I
  • Putting gloves on for Letting Go via @xiahdertod
  • While the staff changes their mics, Jaejoong: “We are almost ready…” Junsu: “The stage today… Eu-kyang-kyang…” YC: Why do you laugh once you start talking…”  via @Vichellelicious
  • Hahaha another set of silly and semi incoherent chatter before Letting Go. via @pixelminor
  • JJ: A lot of ppl here today. Those who think they are from the furthest country, raise your hands! via @pixelminor
  • Apparently there were fans from USA which got the boys excited. via @pixelminor
  • JJ: “Thank you for the relax and fun feeling that you have given us today.” via @jaejoongholics
  • Encore!!!! Encore!!!! Fans singing Chajata via @Y_S_H_I

jeje_reico 2

  • fan project – fan raised banners via @jaejoongholics
  • Final ment before fallen leaves T.T via @pixelminor
  • JJ “if we no longer come, will you support us like that? If there is no such concert, there is no reason to be here. It is because you came to the concert then we can come to Taiwan… actually, i want to say I gain energy from all of you, are your arms tired? please put it down.” JS & YC said the same too, great energy from Taiwan concerts. via @jaejoongholics
  • JS : last song as our farewell to you / Fallen Leaves via @jaejoongholics
  • JJ: Although we can’t meet often, you are still so supportive, its really “magical. You were singing along and so supportive, makes me feels like we should never give up our music. If we come again, will you support us like this still? Even if not concert? You came for this concert, which is why we can sing for you. Although we have a concert every week, we find our strength from you” via @pixelminor
  • Ever so thoughtful JJ asked fans if their arms were tired and ask them to put them down. via @pixelminor
  • They were talking abt JYJ becomes ahjussi (uncle). JS: How ahjussi look? Bigger stomach? or bald? Bald and singing these songs? YC: We will take care of our hair, our body, our stomach will not get fatter. JJ: We will become handsome ahjussi via @xiahdertod
  • The boys asked if fans will still love them when they’ve grown old, when they become bald and have a round tummy >< JJ: We will take care of our hair and our body too, stomach won’t become too big. We shall become handsome ahjussis. via @pixelminor
  • The concert has come to an end, they are saying thank you in Mandarin. via @jaejoongholics
  • Jaejoong : please wait for our next visit to Taiwan. Thank you all. via @jaejoongholics


Credit: pixelminor, megwu0312, jaejoongholics, Y_S_H_I, Vichellelicious, xiahdertod
Photo Credit: StarsInLoveJYJ, Y_S_H_I, jeje_reico, appledaily, rinmaze, hsienchun, on.cc, vichellelicious
Video Credit: appledaily via JaeObsession
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