[PICS+TRANS] 140906 JYJ Asia Tour Concert in Chengdu – Tweets Compilation

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  • Omo concert has started! Creation as first song, the screams are thunderous! via @pixelminor
  • The stadium echoes “BE THE ONE” on cue. The boys sound energetic! via @pixelminor
  • When JJ started on his part for Baboboy, he got many screams lol via @pixelminor
  • “DA JIA HAO!!” – The boys greeted the crowd and introduced themselves in Mandarin via @pixelminor
  • JJ: Dajiahao I am kimJaejoong (in chinese) via @megwu0312
  • JJ greeted and introduced himself in Mandarin. via @yochwennie
  • JJ: Its my first time here and Im thankful to see so many fans here today. I was worried it was raining lightly just now, but now its stopped. If it rains again, will you all continue to have fun? via @pixelminor
  • Jae “It’s the first time we’re here but to be able to see all of you makes me very happy. I was worried coz it was raining just now but hope everyone still enjoy today despite the rain.” via @shadowjaejes
  • Jae also says he hope everyone takes care and don’t get the flu. He wants everyone to enjoy today’s performance. via @shadowjaejes
  • JJ:Listen next song via @megwu0312
  • Dad You There: Soulful rendition and awesome high notes. Let me See: Harmonization in action, their voices flow together. They rock tonite! via @pixelminor



  • LOL! Fans are chanting for the fans in front to sit down and then continue to chant for JYJ via @yochwennie
  • VCR time: Fans break out into JYJ chant. via @pixelminor
  • VCR showing their daily photos via @jaejoongholics
  • Jae is wearing a white shirt, not fully button ^^ via @shadowjaejes
  • stage with roof, so won’t get wet via @megwu0312
  • what’s wrong, why HE get hurt on two arms, with scar..what happenned via @megwu0312
  • Dear J: JJ comes back on stage in his unbuttoned top, I hope no one fainted. Think there is a green lightstick project on at this time. via @pixelminor
  • So basically Jae just button ONE button on his white shirt just now~^^ via @shadowjaejes


  • YC: I am happy that JS and JJ with me via @megwu0312
  • JS & JJ can probably hear me from backstage, I want to say I feel very fortunate to have u both around – YC via @jaejoongholics
  • YC: Before I came up, I saw JS on stage…His dancing is really good. Both JJ and JS can hear me backstage and I want to wish them happiness via @pixelminor
  • Butterfly bursts onto stage!! via @pixelminor
  • he is high..the first shout from JAE via @megwu0312
  • Fans chanting for JJ to take off. “You want me to take off? I don’t just take off easily” – JJ via @jaejoongholics
  • JJ: YOU ASK ME SING ONE MORE SONG? Fan: no ~~take off clothes – JJ: you should focus on my performance via @megwu0312
  • You have to watch me with your hearts – JJ via @jaejoongholics
  • Fans ask JJ to strip for Mine and he instead asks them to pay attention to his performance lol via @pixelminor
  • JJ: I do not simply strip freely. Fans asking JJ to strip. JJ: You have to focus on my performance! via @yochwennie
  • JJ: My solo stage is coming to an end but there are more of JYJ’s stage. Fans asking him to strip: JJ: What did you say? I can’t hear cos you keep screaming. You want me to sing another song? Ah…you want me to strip? No, I can’t. I am not the type who strips freely. You should be focusing on my performance!  via @yochwennie
  • JJ is such a teaser, he just took off, mid-way through the song LOL!!! via @jaejoongholics
  • Everybody screams!! – JJ Thank you – JJ via @jaejoongholics
  • On to next video via @pixelminor

MC_不傲娇你会死啊 MC_不傲娇你会死啊 2

  • 十年 Ten Years (Chinese song) via @jaejoongholics
  • TEN YEARS, fans are singing along. The boys are not pronouncing the lyrics quite well 🙂 via @pixelminor
  • JJ: What do you all think of this song 10 years? All of you were singing along which makes me feel very happy. via @pixelminor
  • There is a Q&A section coz it is our first time in Chengdu – JJ
    Those from Chengdu or Sichuan, pls raise your hands, Beijing? Shanghai? – JJ
    What cats do I have at home?
    I am from Sichuan? What about from overseas? – JJ
    I have a few more questions – JJ
    This question, this is the first time I see JYJ here in 10 years
    I realised they are old – JJ YC & JS, do u have any Qs? – JJ
    I want to hear the guys scream. Girls, pls don’t scream – JS *girls screaming at low voices though lol* / I want to hear those from the back scream. Now, the middle left section. 1-2-3 – JS / now the opposite site 1-2-3 – JS / are you (fans) very stressed most of the time? – YC
    Now, the staff and security guards scream! Pls help! – JJ *fans screamed too* / aw, section screaming, can’t hear. / now YC scream. If JJ said thank you, he will act it out with his body. – JJ / I think YC is now doing the same to JS lol / I am bullied by them everyday, by looking at the looks in their eyes, I knew – JS via @jaejoongholics
  • So So after the ment. via @pixelminor
  • JJ: so passionate voice from you. So I bring more wonderful stage as feedbak via @megwu0312


  • Its mass dance time with Be My Girl. via @pixelminor
  • JJ’s buff topless body during MINE *nosebleeds faints drools* via @pixelminor
  • Its dancer time with Mission. A big clap for the hardworking awesome dancers too! via @pixelminor
  • In Heaven: Heavenly rendition indeed via @pixelminor
  • Jae “Who wants to live with Jaejoong? To be waken up by him everyday, drink the coffee he prepares…. (The rest can’t hear)”
    Then all fans screamed.
    Jae “Looks like I have to work harder.” XD via @shadowjaejes
  • Getting ready for the White Glove sexy dance, and talking randomly. JS says weather in Chengdu is comfortable and just nice via @pixelminor
  • Ok sexy dance for Letting Go. Each ripple of the body causes screams. via @pixelminor
  • Sizzling Valentine – “XIE XIE DA JIA!” – Thank you everyone. And they say they are down to last song, fans scream in protest. via @pixelminor
  • We feel it is such a pity to come here for only 1 concert in Chengdu but we have another performance in Shanghai next. Though it is quite a distance, we hope to see you again in Shanghai – JJ via @jaejoongholics
  • do you think the translator is good today? – JJ via @jaejoongholics
  • The boys take turns to say thanks. JJ advertises for the Shanghai concert rofl. via @pixelminor
  • JJ: We had the chance to interact with fans today and we’re very happy. Every moment of our performance and chats is meaningful to me, let’s create more memories. via @pixelminor
  • The “last” song – BACKSEAT. Before that, some fans chanted “pianzi” (liar) because everyone knows its not the last song lol via @pixelminor
  • Empty and Get Out gets everyone dancing and screaming. Junsu does a somersault. Toward a rousing finale! via @pixelminor
  • The boys ran off after Get Out and Sad Dawn video is now playing. Wow, thats quick. via @pixelminor


Chengdu concert – Set List (via jaejoongholics)

1- Creation
2- Be The One
3- Baboboy
Ment 1
4- Dad, You There
5- Let Me See
6- Dear J (Jaejoong Solo)
7- Age 7 (Junsu Solo)
8- 서른 30 Lazy Life (Yuchun Solo)
9- Tarantallegra (Junsu Solo)
10- Turn It Up (Junsu Solo)
11- Incredible (Junsu Solo)
12- Walking with her in Spring (Yuchun Solo)
13- I Love You (Yuchun Solo)
14- Butterfly (Jaejoong Solo)
15- Mine (Jaejoong Solo)
16- 十年 Ten Years (Chinese song)
Ment 2
17- So So
18- Be My Girl
Dancer time – Mission
19- In Heaven
Ment 3
20- Letting Go
21- Valentine
Ment 4
22- Back Seat

23- Empty
24- Get Out

Credit: pixelminor, shadowjaejes, megwu0312, jaejoongholics, yochwennie
Photo Credit: Cong, cdyonglepiaowu, 莲藕娃娃, supercapricious, MC_不傲娇你会死啊绵绵棉棉大菊宝, Jaejee_大在在皇额娘, SooYing, as tagged
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