[PICS+VID+TRANS] 140830 JYJ Asia Tour 2014 Concert in Vietnam – Tweets Compilation

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cake4jyj jijinaomi

  • START! #JYJinVietnam via @JYJ_PH
  • We just had a warmup~ XD Good start coz everyone is chanting “JYJ”. Good job ^^ via @shadowjaejes
  • 25 mins to show start, fans start chanting JYJ! via @pixelminor
  • Fans chanting JYJ while the video is being played on the screen… via @JYJ_PH
  • JYJ is now on the stage… via @JYJ_PH
  • Creation: fans are screaming via @pixelminor
  • New outfit omggg.. Short sleeve via @xiahdertod
  • so now looks like JJ covered more via @megwu0312
  • Be the one is simply sexy via @pixelminor

IMG_8062-f0e51 IMG_8079-f0e51


  • JS: Finally we have an official concert in Vietnam. JJ: Xin chao “hello”. I was worried if the weather is raining today. YC: like JJ hyung said we were worried about the weather today. It doesn’t look good this afternoon but thankfully the weather is good now. YC: I hope you (fans) can enjoy the concert till the end with us via @xiahdertod
  • JYJ giving their greetings, they were worried about the rain via @pixelminor
  • Jae arm muscles today! He built up more again. Yum!! via @pixelminor
  • Dad you there – I love jae’s vocals in this always. His voice is in good form today! High notes reached! via @pixelminor
  • Trilogy video via @pixelminor
  • World Class JYJ…as always!!! via @Y_S_H_I

IMG_8106-f0e51 IMG_8108-f0e51

  • Something wrong with sound system, junsu voice disappeared during Tarantallegra 🙁 via @pixelminor
  • Jaejoong’s Butterfly solo now via @xiahdertod
  • Seems JYJ is replacing all new outfits tonight concert via @xiahdertod
  • Jaejoong standed in front me for 5s and I’m blank…. via @xiahdertod
  • JJ: thank you with a smile in the end of song. via @xiahdertod
  • Sizzling jaejoong and butterfly via @pixelminor
  • clothed JJ with Butterfly via @Y_S_H_I

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  • JJ: tonight weather is so good right? Are you guys feeling hot? Fans: “Nooo” JJ: If u guys say u guys are not hot. We’re not very happy ㅋㅋ via @xiahdertod
  • JJ: You guys are so energetic, can you scream one more time!!! Fans: screaming. JJ: wow via @xiahdertod
  • Jaejoong’s MINE solo now via @xiahdertod
  • Jaejoong is thankful weather is good today via @pixelminor
  • No stripping for jae today in Mine ^^ via @pixelminor
  • As expected Jaejoong cannot be half-naked tonight. Fully-clothed JJ. Still look flawless via @xiahdertod
  • Oh and this concert JYJ is using golden colour micr. Not red anymore via @xiahdertod
  • Fans understood hot from Jaejoong as in weather and Jaejoong meant as in atmosphere haha via @xiahdertod

IMG_8119-2feca IMG_8159-2feca IMG_8170-2feca

  • The video where they thank fans and say they are sorry too via @pixelminor
  • So So now ~ Oh JYJ is using both golden and red micro. Now they change to use red micro via @xiahdertod
  • Be my girl. Junsu sings to the audience while jae sings to yoochun, eliciting laughter from yoochun *junsuforeveralone* via @pixelminor
  • JYJ was having fun on stage of Be My Girl remix via @xiahdertod
  • Vietnam cocnert might become the only fully-clothed JYJ concert from JYJ to dancer via @xiahdertod
  • The wind is very strong now during In Heaven and the smell of rain is there. Sky is red. Pls don’t rain 🙁 via @pixelminor
  • New white outfits for in Heaven via @pixelminor
  • In Heaven now~~ JYJ in white… our prince. White especially make JYJ look extremely handsome ㅠㅠㅠ via @xiahdertod
  • Staff is fixing Jaejoong’s mic and accidentally pulled up his shirt revealed his nippile. Fans went crazy via @xiahdertod
  • YC: while staff fixing clothes, we can have more time to chat with fans. JJ: Yesterday press con, we learned some Vietnamese words. JS: Now I’ll say some words in Vietnamese, “We love you” in Vietnamese (Chung toi yeu cac ban) via @xiahdertod
  • That peekaboo slit in jae’s white outfit. Haha the boys are trying to speak VN and failing miserably via @pixelminor


  • Oh no… it starts raining………….. Light rain now via @xiahdertod
  • JJ: We learned a name of a special hat in Vietnam but we forgot what it calls, Non…something. Fans: Non la (cornical hat) via @xiahdertod
  • JJ: Can you (fans) say that word to us? Fans: Non la~~~ via @xiahdertod
  • Junsu pronunciation in Vietnamese is especially very cute while JaeChun pronounce clearer via @xiahdertod
  • Letting go ended. Now is Valentine via @xiahdertod
  • JYJ is performing under the rain now XD via @xiahdertod
  • JYJ is performing under the rain now XD. Drizzle getting heavier via @pixelminor
  • Jaejoong at end of song “Xin cam on” (Thank you) via @xiahdertod
  • It’s actually quite an experience standing in the rain! They’re going on to their last song and ask fans to cheer, then the boys to yell via @pixelminor
  • JS: raining can make us sexier? Haha. JJ: raining is a charming point abt Vietnam concert via @xiahdertod
  • Omg rain is pouring. Like so badly. …. my phone is wet via @xiahdertod
  • JYJ dancing in the rain!!! via @Y_S_H_I
  • JJ: rain starts at right time isn’t it? via @xiahdertod

8797a51a-e30d-41f5-8911-71a612a78d3a d90b854b-5f00-4322-b3fd-8078c93bd169tiin

  • Fans are under this stormy rain chanting for JYJ. Guess the concert has to end soon, they turn off all equipment via @xiahdertod
  • It started pouring during encore, cldnt tweet. Everyone is soaked, including dancers and boys via @pixelminor
  • Jaejoong fell on his butt on the wet runway and laid now his back laughing. After jaejoong fell, yoochun offered to pull him up but jaejoong laughed and got himself up. The clumsy boy almost fell again later via @pixelminor

jyj_13_zing_1 copy

  • They could have called off the encore but they chose to continue in the storm with us via @pixelminor
  • i took a shower with JYJ!!!! Woohoooooo via @Y_S_H_I
  • It was a WET, WILD and FUN experience with the KINGS!!!!! via @Y_S_H_I
  • Its a once in a lifetime experience…taking a shower with JYJ!!! Hahahaha ^___~ via @Y_S_H_I
  • See sexy Jae Jae danced in the rain! Very moved by the guys when they came to the extended stage, in the rain! via @koshinmurasaki
  • I am so drenched but I have to say “OH MY GOD KIM JAE JOONG YOU ARE SUCH A WET GORGEOUS SEXY BEING!!!!” via @shadowjaejes
  • Jae was really enjoying himself in the rain though~ he was smiling all the time. And then that hair flip …. OMG~~~ via @shadowjaejes
  • We enjoyed encore together under the rain. Junsu Jaejoong Yuchun smiled happily. Eventhough the micro didn’t work well in the end.We had fun via @xiahdertod
  • The best concert in my life and now probably my passport is wet…. but I love you from all my heart JYJ via @xiahdertod
  • At encore all equipments were off except the lighting and their micro. We only could see them by our own eyes. No screen via @xiahdertod
  • Wet JYJ looks good hahaha~~~ Yuchun took off his outer shirt while JaeSu couldn’t becoz theu didn’t wear inner shirt, only 1 layer XD via @xiahdertod
  • Jaejoong slipped when he ran(?) walked(?) out at encore but he was fine XD via @xiahdertod
  • JYJ was having fun with dancer under the rain. They poured water on each other. JYJ looked happy and fans we gave our all. via @xiahdertod
  • JaeSu were running out into the rain while Yoochun was helping the staffs cover the audio system :))))) #AhjussivsKids via @JYJ_Honey
  • Fallen Leaves was sung under fallen water XDDD via @JYJ_Honey
  • During fallen leaves, this must be the sexiest rendition ever. The boys with slicked back hair, dripping faces and jaechun’s wet white tees via @pixelminor
  • Maybe the storm was a blessing, fans were singing and screaming. The boys and dancers were dancing with abandon for empty and get out via @pixelminor



Video by tiin

Song List


Credit: JYJ_PH, shadowjaejes, pixelminor, xiahdertod, megwu0312, Y_S_H_I, koshinmurasaki, JYJ_Honey
Photo Credit: cake4jyj, jijinaomi, Y_S_H_I, kenhh14, tiin, congkr, shadowjaejes
Video Credit: tiin.vn via Meg Wu
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