[PART TRANS] 140825 Drama Triangle costar Oh Yeonsu talks about Jaejoong in an Interview

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The second brother Jang Dongcheol(portrayed by Kim Jaejoong) was also Heo Yeongdal, called a trashy street thug in drama Triangle…

Kim Jaejoong(28) left the group TVXQ and formed JYJ, a vocal group consists of three males…

Oh Yeonsu lifted her thumbs up in evaluation of the two actors (Kim Jaejoong and Im Siwan)…

“Both of them were pretty good at acting. They are popular idol stars but didn’t act arrogant. Even though we filmed all night without sleep for days, they never showed sign of weariness. They seemed to enjoy acting in any circumstances; that inspired me and gave me positive energy. I learned a lot from them though they are young.”

▼ Did they have difficult time relating to you since you are much older?

“I am not a serious type and don’t usually act my age, so we were in very casual terms… Jaejoong is such an affable person, you can become close to him in just 5 minutes. In fact I had some preconceived ideas about Jaejoong, but he is someone you grow to like more as you get to know him better. In order to compensate for his relative inexperience in acting, he lived off of gimbab(seaweed rice roll) yet he never even frowned once.”


Source: Donga
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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