[INFO] Jaejoong’s Fans Worldwide Collectively Made A Charitable Donation of KRW 7.5 Million

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Through the Rice Wreath Conversion Project* spearheaded by Herose and WorldclassJJ, a total of KRW 7,500,000 (approximately USD 7,350) was collected from fans worldwide and donated to The Beautiful Foundation, a non-profit organization.  Through the Beautiful Foundation, the funds will be used to support orphaned teenager households. A lot of orphaned teenager households are in danger of being evicted from their home for lack of housing fees. This charity is to assist these teenagers on their housing rentals and provide them with stable living.

The donation was  sent in Jaejoong’s name. (For more info on the Beautiful Foundation, please visit their website.)

*Rice Wreath Conversion Project:  Due to the tragic ferry accident in Korea, the Triangle team decided that no wreaths will be accepted for Triangle’s press conference. Herose spearheaded this project to provide fans an alternative use of funds reserved for the rice wreaths. The project was formed to fullfill fans’ wishes to express support for Jaejoong and Triangle.


Credit: Donors listed in the certificate above via Herose and WorldclassJJ
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