[PICS+TRANS] 140208 Kim Jaejoong Guest At Jang Geun Suk’s Fanmeeting

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  • Jaejoong perfomed ‘Keshou’ at JKS fanmeeting today as a guest! and cooked too! via @ayano_JYJ
  • Jaejoong said he was perplexed because of GS fans giving off a roar of applause in the middle of him singing, unlike his own fans being solemn when he sings, and he thought if he should sing the rest with laughs. haha. See our bb’s baffled face http://instagram.com/p/kJsX3NibId/ courtesy of maimpromp via @jaetaku
  • Jaejoong himself had suggested he’d like to guest Geunseok’s fanmeet and sing just one song. So GS jokingly told him that he’d pay JJ 80K Won ($90 USD) for the appearance, but JJ said only 20K Won is okay. As a result, JJ received 20K won on stage and give it away to a fan in the audience. Haha. via @shennnn__ translated by @jaetaku
  • A lot of Korean GS fans have posted their short accounts on Twitter and DC Kjj gallery, confessing that they got starstruck by Jaejoong who was singing god damn well and is even more handsome when seen in the flesh, yes, at the very fan event of JGS’s .ROFL x’D via @jaetaku


  • Jae baby attended his 2-min away friend, JGS’s FM^^ nice via @shadowjaejes
  • LOL at JGS fans telling Jae to take revenge and spilt some inside news about JGS. (Coz JGS did that during Jae’s con) via @shadowjaejes
  • After Jae’s Keshou, JGS went up the stage, “shyly” called “Hyung”, hugged Jae and turned a few rounds! *What?! LOL* via @shadowjaejes
  • Apparently, Jae took only 1/4 of his appearance fee and gave it all to JGS’s fans sitting in the first row!!!!!! Trans F: weibo JGS fan via @shadowjaejes
  • JGS said when he guested at Jae’s con, he was rather reserved coz he’s afraid the fans will not like him. However, as long as he’s JGS’s fans, his fans will support him. via @shadowjaejes
  • JGS said he and Jae are neighbors, staying near each other and NOT with each other! XD JGS fans said it’s ok! JGS said he’s NOT ok!!! LOL via @shadowjaejes
  • JGS said during the festive period (I think it’s New Year), Jae gifted JGS’s mum a lot of expensive gifts. via @shadowjaejes
  • JGS said his mum asked him, “you & Jae are not just normal drinking friends right?” Jae side-eyed JGS “how come your image is like that?” XD via @shadowjaejes
  • Jae finds cooking a joy so he often cooks and gives JGS his dishes^^ via @shadowjaejes

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  • Jae helped JGS tied his apron! XD via @shadowjaejes
  • JGS was jokingly criticizing the fried garlic Jae gave him saying they are not cooked and smells!
    Jae said “well if you don’t want, give them back to me” and pretended to walk off and JGS hurriedly pulled him back. XD via @shadowjaejes
  • JGS fans said Jae looks great even when eating. LOL F: DC via @shadowjaejes


Credit: Gaeul_ci, Valy_cri, cri, as tagged via @tiamo_hy, @sususu72
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  1. Reg
    February 8, 2014

    super thanks for this complete account of what happened at the fanmeet…love the infos <3

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