[TWITTER] 131226 Jaejoong Twitter Update – Happy 10th Anniversary + JaeSu KakaoTalk Chat

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[TRANS] the 10th year since we debuted!
It was possible to make it the whole time because all of you existed..
It was possible to bear the time because we are all together..
I want to say thank you to all who cried for us and comforted us for our happiness and hardships..

And to our members, thank you so much.. from the bottom of my heart~
I just wish all of us could welcome with smile another 10 years..

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[TRANS] JaeSu’ Katalk convo:

Jaejoong: Junsu yah, I love you and thank you. Happy 10th debut anniversary
My Jjunsyu: Hyung
My Jjunsyu: Thank you for coming and walking with me for 10 years
My Jjunsyu: I aslo love youㅋㅋ
My Jjunsyu: Let’s walk together for another 10-years
Jaejoong: We can’t meet often these days cos of workㅜㅡ Let’s meet, even just for a little while

Credit: @bornfreeonekiss
Translated by @theyoungestmin + Hannah @ PrinceJJ
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  1. phương jae
    December 25, 2013

    Jaejoong ah
    don’t worry
    because I will be here
    Cassiopeia will be here
    waiting you
    waiting DBSK comeback
    10 years… too long
    but We always love, always believe
    still the last day we stay
    always keep the faith
    hope to the end

  2. fineday500
    December 25, 2013

    JJ said : ” It was possible to bear the time because we are all together” Yes JJ, you 3 are together now, you, Yoochun and your maknae Junsu. I still smile when I remember Junsu sending a flower wreath to your solo concert last month, signed it with “the maknae Junsu”. You are a good hyung to your 2 dongsaengs. I know you love them so much. You put the picture of the 3 of you as your twitter ID.

    The 3 of you has been fighting the hardest battle against the unbeatable foe. You’ve been boycotted, sabotaged, bullied. Yet you keep your head high and show to the world that you are victorious in the end. The 3 of you are the bravest, the most courageous persons in the entire Korean entertainment industry. People learned a lot from your courage. Learned not to give up no matter how hard the obstacle is, no matter how big, powerful and cruel the enemy is. Just like they way you taught them.

    Just like Junsu said to you: “Let’s walk together for another 10 years” we as your fan will also walk along side you for as long as you let us. Because you love us so much. Because we love you that much.