[NEWS] 121205 Jaejoong’s DVD ‘Jaejoong In ‘Protect the Boss’ Special Making’ ranks 3rd on Oricon DVD Chart

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JYJ‘s Jaejoong proved his unchanging popularity in Japan.

Jaejoong’s DVD ‘Jaejoong in ‘Protect the Boss’ Special Making‘ ranked 3rd on the Oricon DVD Weekly Chart. The DVDs went on pre-sale back in July, and ranked at #1 for presales on HMVAmazon, and Rakuten

The DVD contains various videos from ‘Protect the Boss’, including an in depth look behind the filming set, Jaejoong practicing the script, and the press conference with Jaejoong’s narration.

A representative said, “This result was pleasantly surprising because Jaejoong hasn’t been active in Japan for nearly 3 years, and this is a making DVD rather than a new song or a concert DVD.

Congratulations to Jaejoong.



Netizens’ responses

Article: JYJ Jaejoong ranks 3rd on Japan’s Oricon chart ‘popularity doesn’t fade’

: Segye Ilbo via Nate

1. [+280, -45] Surprising that a making-of DVD, not even the drama DVD, got this ranking~!

2. [+260, -40] He’s always consistently loved, quite amazing that a making-of DVD achieved this ranking

3. [+169, -21] He didn’t even promote it… or more like couldn’t promote it! How many years has it been!

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  1. Mara
    December 5, 2012

    Hope he could promote in Japan again soon. Jaejoong hwaiting!