[VIDEO/TRANS] 120918 ETN News – Jaejoong For Jackal Poster Shooting

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Jaejoong explains a bit of his character/the story of movie. 

He is a Hallyu star, but after he got kidnapped, through some happenings the things that a star should never show come out in one day.


Q. How was acting with each other. 

Jihyo: We worked in perfect harmony, so we even told each other that ‘Thank you for accepting (each other’s lines well) and leading me well’. 

[Jaejoong suddenly starts to be gentle to Jihyo, saying “oh here, your hair landed on your nose” and playfully trying to take it off and Jihyo laughs 😀 ]


Q. If you evaluate Jaejoong’s acting?

When I watch him (acting) closely, it seems like the most fitting acting (probably, she meant ‘genre’) for him is comedy. It’s so~~ fun to be with him, really. If you see the movie, you will know why Jaejoong said he would take on this role. It’s exactly Jaejoong’s role. (= Jaejoong perfectly fits the role) 


Q. If you were a real killer?

Jihyo: I will kidnap Jaejoongie.

Jaejoong: I wanted to kidnap the eyes of Jihyo nuna’s. I’ve always thought she is a person with very beautiful eyes, but… how…? I can’t pluck away the eyes only?! LOL

Jihyo also mentionned the movie is rated 15 via @126X204

(T/N Since the content of the four videos (Ystar, OBS, KBS and ETN) is almost same, I don’t think I still need to sub the other two (KBS & ETN), so instead I just translated some parts that were not shown on Ystar & OBS!)

Translated by 126X204
Shared by PrinceJJ


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  3. Sapphire
    September 19, 2012

    Thank you 😀

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  5. nyaaa
    September 19, 2012

    I really love it
    he really have an amazing chemistry with Jihyo
    cant wait for the movieeeeeeee

    September 19, 2012

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